Aobso 8th Annual Conference
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Sponsors for 2019.

Educational Success Partners (ESP), while a new company to the BSO sector, is staffed with a team with over 15 years of experience supporting British international schools. We are pleased that Mark Bignell and Izzy Hall are now with ESP and will continue to give great support to AoBSO and BSOs worldwide.  

Engage are long-standing and highly appreciated sponsors. We are delighted that they are continuing through 2019. 

ETeach first sponsored AoBSO in 2018 and we are very grateful for their ongoing support throughout this year. 


The term “British Schools Overseas” (BSO) may only be officially used by a school that has been inspected within the past three academic years by one of the inspectorates approved by the UK government’s Department for Education and has been judged to have met an acceptable standard.  BSO inspections are based on the standards used to inspect the majority of independent (i.e. private) schools in England and Wales. There are more than 160 BSOs around the world.

Linking Schools …

Tunnel of Beads - comp

AoBSO forges links between BSOs aiming to developing further the already highstandards offered in such schools. For member schools, this site will develop into a communication and collaboration tool, to help schools to share expertise and knowledge around the BSO world.  For more details about the aims of the Association, please go to the “What are BSOs?” area of the website.


Informing Parents and Teachers …


Parents interested in enrolling their children or teaching in a British school outside of the UK and which has been inspected under UK-approved regulations, will find that this website provides a directory of BSOs and information about the BSO movement. It also provides access to the website and inspection report for each member school, as well as links to essential information on the UK Government website.

Please note that only those BSOs that have joined the Association may have a dedicated, extended and informative listing on this site. The directory, however, contains the name and location of every school that, as far as we are aware, has been inspected to date and whose report has been submitted to Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education – the UK government entity responsible for schools inspections).