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BSO Inspection – British Council School

British Council School is the first British school in Spain to receive an “Outstanding” in all areas.

In April of 2015, British Council School was inspected by the British Schools Overseas (BSO) inspection scheme with the purpose to provide information to parents, teachers, senior managers and the school’s owners on the overall effectiveness of the school and the standard of education it provides. The eight relevant standards for British schools overseas are as follows:

  1. the quality of education provided by the school (curriculum, teaching and assessment);
  2. the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils;
  3. the welfare, health and safety of the pupils;
  4. the suitability of the proprietor and staff;
  5. the premises and accommodation;
  6. the provision of information for parents, carers and others;
  7. the school’s procedures for handling complaints;
  8. leadership and management of the school.

The inspection report highlighted “The British Council School provides an outstanding education for all its students. It has high expectations of everyone, respects others for what they have to offer and promotes a very strong culture of belonging where staff and students work together to turn dreams and aspirations into reality”.

BSO Inspection Report. (PDF)

Main conclusions

Overall effectiveness 

  • The British Council School provides an outstanding education for all its students. It has high expectations of everyone, respects others for what they have to offer and promotes a very strong culture of belonging where staff and students work together to turn dreams and aspirations into reality.
  • The school upholds the highest British values of democracy, tolerance and respect for diversity and, at the same time, ensures that students have a thorough understanding of Spanish culture. It teaches the National Curriculum for England and Wales up to the age of 16 (Year 11) very effectively so that students can move to higher education in the UK if they wish. The sixth form curriculum, which was not part of this inspection, also allows students to enter Spanish and British universities. The school meets its aim to provide a high quality bicultural education very effectively.
  • The school is led and managed extremely effectively. The headteacher, deputy headteacher and senior leaders lead with a passion that defines the school’s very positive ethos and with a rigour that ensures high standards. Middle leaders contribute effectively to the school’s vision and direction. Attention to detail, a strong desire to give students the best possible chances in life and an emphasis on high standards results in a cohesive, happy and productive community.
  • Students’ behaviour is excellent. They are polite, treat others with respect and enjoy their lessons a great deal. This is because teachers know their students very well and have very good subject knowledge. Students have extremely positive attitudes to school and learning and these have a substantial impact on their learning and progress.
  • Standards and achievements are outstanding. Students start school with little grasp of the English language but make very swift progress during the Early Years and Year 1 to become fluent. Progress continues to be rapid as they move through Key Stage 2 and into Key Stages 3 and 4. As a result, students achieve outstanding IGCSE results that are well above schools in the UK and other British schools in Spain. This is the case for all students, including boys and girls and those from different abilities. In addition, more than a quarter of students were accepted at British universities in 2014.
  • Over time, teaching and learning are outstanding. This is why students’ achievements across nearly all subjects are so good. Only in drama and ICT is achievement in IGCSE not at the very high levels of other subjects. However, the school’s actions to improve performance in these areas are paying off and achievement is now improving.
  • The wide range of co-curricular and other activities that take place before, during and after school contributes very strongly to students’ high standards. These activities, including an impressive variety of musical opportunities, help students to develop a wide range of skills and behaviours, such as team work and respect and care for others. Students are highly motivated and, in most cases, teaching builds on this enthusiasm for learning by setting challenging work. This enables all pupils to achieve extremely well, especially the less able: success in sporting and creative activities has a strong impact on academic success.
  • The curriculum meets the needs of students very effectively because of the wide range of subjects and co-curricular activities that extend the opportunities available to students extremely well and trips abroad, especially to the UK, give them a broader perspective about British society.
  • The school provides extremely well for students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through the wide range of co-curricular activities, raising money for charities and the way the family system enables students to develop their personal skills. As a result, students develop outstanding personal qualities to become well-rounded young people ready to take their place in modern society whether that be in Britain or Spain.

The school provides for students’ welfare, health and safety most effectively. This is because the school’s “Family” system ensures that all students are known personally and that each is seen as an individual.


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