BSO Inspectorates and Standards

Please note that BSO standards are currently under review. The DfE has launched a consultation exercise to gain the views of schools and organisations on the draft, revised standards.  It is anticipated that the revised regulations will be in place by September 2016 and that they will be more closely aligned with the system used to inspect inpdependent schools in England and Wales. The notes on this page represent the situation and regulations as they stand in November 2015.

AoBSO will consolidate feedback received from AoBSO members, so that an exclusively BSO viewpoint can be submitted to DfE.

BSO Inspection Standards for Schools

BSO inspection standards were derived, in consultation, from those applied by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) in its role in inspecting the great majority of UK Independent Schools.  The current standards can be found at:

BSO Inspection Standards for Schools

Inspectorates authorised by the Department for Education, to conduct inspections leading to BSO status

In order to achieve BSO status, a school has to have been inspected, within the last three academic years, by one of the following providers:

Inspectorates are required to publish on their websites,  the results of all inspections for the past three years.  Further details can be found at:

The standards that each inspectorate has to meet, in order to be approved to carry out BSO inspections, can be found at:

Standards for BSO Inspectorates